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People choose to vote for different reasons. Many people vote because they are for or against an issue or candidate. For others, voting is about ensuring high voter turnout in the community, which results in greater access to elected officials and more of a say in decisions affecting the community.

For union members, this election will be crucial in deciding the future of our union. Union contracts, negotiated wages, health insurance, pensions, and training are in jeopardy!

What can union members do? VOTE FOR YOUR UNION. We must organize together and elect working-class champions. Champions who fight for unions – not against them. We need every single LIUNA vote.


• Real infrastructure investment

• Davis Bacon and prevailing wage laws

• Retirement security for every worker

• Collective bargaining rights

• An all-of-the-above energy policy

• A Stronger Post Office


This is our chance to use our POWER to say what kind of America we want to live and work in. Every vote does count! Many elections are decided by less than 100 votes. You send a message by what candidate or party you vote for. Even if your candidate does not win, the number of votes they do get impacts what is decided. Just how close the vote is changes who might run and win the next time. More union members voting can send the message that we want new policies and more attention to a particular issue.


Voting is one of our most important rights as citizens. Since the founding of our nation, some communities have had to fight for the right to vote. There are still people today who would prefer to suppress the voting rights of people who do not look like them or share their views. It is our turn as union members to stand up and vote to preserve our rights and honor the struggle of those who came before us.

For more information - LIUNA VOTES 2020


LIUNA Local 720 - Stability and Strength

We have been living in unprecedented times. With so much uncertainty facing us, we would like to take a moment to reflect on the stability and strength our members and their families have come to depend on. LIUNA, a family for over 117 years, has survived difficult and challenging times and through it all, each time we have emerged stronger than before.As always, LIUNA is on the forefront, developing coronavirus worksite safety protocols and valuable resources for members.

Your Colorado Team has adapted to the many changes to ensure that our members and their families have the necessary benefits and support they need.Most of our members continue to work, and we hope to see all members back to work soon. The work that continues is critical to our communities and to our way of life and we appreciate our members for their sacrifice and courage.

We also want to thank members for continuing to follow the guidance of our elected officials and public health departments, taking care of themselves and their families, checking in on neighbors, and doing their part to keep us all healthy and safe. Members of LIUNA never stand alone; we stand strong, proud, and united. We thank our members and their families for their continued confidence in, and loyalty to, Local 720, and to our great International Union.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

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Colorado Laborers Health & Welfare Update

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Laborers' Health & Safety Fund of North America

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Building Trades National Medical Screening Program

The Building Trades National Medical Screening program is designed to identify health problems caused by hazardous substances that workers may have been exposed to while working on a Department of Energy site.

During this Program, you will complete a work history interview and a limited medical screening examination to identify risk factors for diseases that might develop in the future. We will also provide you with information on the risks and how to reduce them.

This Program is entirely voluntary and without cost to you. You will not be compensated for your participation. However, you may benefit in increased knowledge about your personal health. Your participation may also benefit future workers by helping to identify trends in groupings of information that may be important to their health and well-being. This Program is funded for a limited time. We cannot assure that it will be continued in the future, or that there will be another program to take its place.


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Thinking of our members and their families. Take care and be safe.

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