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Many materials not listed are available through the LIUNA Officer’s Site.


Department Descriptions

Construction Resources

Pipeline Steward Training Manual
Davis Bacon and Prevailing Wages
Jurisdictional Disputes Reporting Form (doc)
National Agreements
National Pipeline Job Notification Form (doc)
National Pipeline Agreement Pre-Job Conference Report (doc)
Pre-Job Conference Report Form (doc)
Sample Area Practice Letter for Electrical
Sample Area Practice Letter for Demolition
Sample Area Practice Letter for Concrete

Organizing Resources

Strategic Research Source List
Courthouse Research
FOIA Letter Request Form

Member Orientation

Member Orientation - Construction Locals (Spanish)
Member Orientation - Public Employee Locals (Spanish)
Member Orientation Guide (Spanish)
Member Orientation Powerpoint Construction Locals (Spanish)
Member Orientation Powerpoint Public Employee Locals (Spanish)

Communications and Mobilization

Media Tips and Tools
Energy Toolkit
Legislative Lobby Day Fact Sheets
Press Packet & Talking Points
7 Tools
LIUNA Style Guide
LiUNA! Logo (print) (web) (eps)
LiUNA! Feel the Power Logo (print) (web) (eps)
LiUNA! Feel the Power / Full Name (print) (web) (eps)
LiUNA! Local Logo (eps)
Mobilization Tips

Education and Training

Leadership Education Series (Construction)
Leadership Training Schedule (Construction)
Public Employee Department Academy
Public Employee Department Academy Calender
Continuing Education
LIUNA Training Presentation – The Power to Excel

Officer Reporting and Elections

Grievance Form Fact Sheet
Constitutions LIUNA 24th Convention
Code of Best Practices
LIUNA Officer's Site
LM and 990 Assistance
Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act
Local Union Officer Election Guide
2013 Judges Letter on Elections
Office of Inspector General

Public Sector Resources

NEW PED Internal Organizing Guide
NEW PED Toolkit on Friedrichs Week of Action
NEW PED Right to Work Factsheet for Leaders
NEW Right to Work One Pager
NEW PED Steward's Module
NEW Internal Organizing Toolkit for Public Employee Locals
Public Employee Department Brochure
Public Employee Department News
Public Sector Worker Issue Resources
Majority Sign-Up for Public Workers Fact Sheet
Majority Sign-Up Terms for Public Workers

Fair Share U.S. Supreme Court Cases

Friedrichs v. CTA

Harris v. Quinn (2014 US Supreme Court Case)

Glossary of Labor Terms
Glossary Collective Bargaining Terms
Weingarten Rights Handout
Tips of the Trade - Contract
Steward Manual
Steward Tips and Tools
Sample Grievance Form
Grievance Guide
Seven Tests of Just Cause
Paycheck Deception
Member Orientation Session for Public Employee Locals (in Spanish)
New Member Orientation: Guidelines for Public Employee Locals (in Spanish)

Public Pension Resources

Fact Sheet - Why Do Public Pensions Matter
FAQ about Public Pensions
Public Pension Basics
The Fight for Public Pensions
Facts and Myths About Public Employee Pensions

Federal Sector Resources

Federal Lobby Day Factsheet
How to Lobby Factsheet
Lobby Visit Form
LIUNA Statement on Sequester
FPC Media Statement on Pay Raise Bill
DFR Dos and Don'ts
Info Request Sample Form
Bargaining Checklist
Letter to Senator Reed on Introduction of National Guard Tech Bill
Summary - The National Guard Technician Equity Act
National Guard Dual-Status Technicians Fact Sheet
Lobby Week